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Triona's Most Wanted

It was my Xpose pal, Lisa Cannon, who told me I just had to go and check out the Clara Hand & Foot Spa in Blackrock, as she had the most amazing pedicure there.

Then a few more peeps started singing the praises of Justyna, the proprietor, so I had to take my pig's trotters there to see for myself, and hoped to come out with feet like Miranda Kerr, right.

I decided to have the Signature Pedicure, €50, which was designed by Justyna following years of experience working with feet.

This pedicure, which lasts an hour, involves using argan oil and coconut oil – which work amazingly well, even with very sensitive skin.

Then there is a very hi-tech sanding machine . . . It's not as bad as it sounds!

Justyna told me she can work magic on dry, cracked, calloused, hard-skinned feet – especially when they are so far gone that no shoes are comfortable enough, because they hurt, and no product gives proper relief because the skin is just too hard.

I have to say that my pedicure left my feet feeling smoother and lighter, with no hard skin or cracks.

All I want to do is show them off now – but it's still a bit too early to go around in sandals, sadly!

If you fancy some Kardashian-style lash extensions, with weightless eyelashes and the highest grade of non-fuming and non-irritating medical glue – these can be used on very sensitive eyes and last up to one month – then you can have that done here, too.

Clara Hand & Foot Spa,

14 Main St, Blackrock,

Co Dublin, tel: (01) 217-2817 or see www.claraspa.ie

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