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Trendabl App: I'll wear what she's wearing


Photo: Trendabl

Photo: Trendabl

Photo: Trendabl

Easily the most chic way to respond to a question about one's clothes is to say "this old thing" and pretend you hate the haute rags you are currently dripping with.

But one more thoroughbred arrives in the social media stable today, with its sights set especially on the best-groomed clientele and making fashionably false modesty a thing of the past.

The Trendabl app engages the immediacy and interactivity of Twitter or Instagram to create fashion communities between users, blending tastes, trade and, of course, trends. You see a nice frock on a celeb or in a window, upload the picture and tag it with brand and price details, so that others can scope it out and potentially purchase. You can even upload pictures of your own looks.

Trendabl will do great business among brands looking to capitalise on celebrity sightings and media exposure: users then search by label or location to browse the looks online. Helpful if you want to broadcast your wardrobe to the world, but not particularly classy.

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