Thursday 19 April 2018

Tommy Hilfiger: Rock it

Constance Harris

Be it the guys who set out for the outback of America to make their fortune, or rebellious youths seeking a look that expressed their separateness from authority, denim has long been synonymous with freedom.

No wonder, then, that denim is the fabric of the music world.

Tommy Hilfiger, whose Hilfiger Denim range has been around since the Eighties, was inspired into fashion by his twin loves of music and denim. His first line was a denim range in the Seventies called The People’s Place. I love that name. So good was he that he was named the one to watch, in a prestigious clothing campaign of the early Eighties, which also featured American fashion leaders Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. How prophetic.

Throughout the Nineties, Tommy Hilfiger enjoyed ecstatic popularity with black hip-hop and rap artists. Tommy Hilfiger loves new ideas and innovation. If you met him, you’d be struck by his energy and enthusiasm. Especially for Ireland, as his mother is Irish. A few years back, Tommy launched Hilfiger Denim Live, a music event visiting several capitals each year, inviting up-and-coming acts to take part. Last year, Dublin was chosen, and also for the launch of new perfume, Loud, so the Irish event ended up being called “Hilfiger Loud”. And it was.

On our pages today, as part of Tommy’s dedication to music, Hilfiger Denim is spotlighting some of Ireland’s up-and-coming female acts on the music scene.

Lisa McLaughlin, from Tyrone, has been described as holding the stage like no other with her “gorgeous chords, poignant lyrics, clever quirks and the power of raw emotion”.

Niamh Farrell and Ham Sandwich have been around for seven years, but it was when they played Electric Picnic that people sat up. Next stop was Berlin’s Popkomm festival.

Indie pop outfit Talulah Does The Hula is a band of mixed origins. Paula and Ceeva are both from Dublin, while Jessie and Lauren are originally from the States, but have lived here for 10 years. Feisty, fun performers, watch out for their next show in Dublin in the coming weeks.

Pixie Delamere, from Crumlin, is a promoter for Communion, which started as a club night and now has its own music label and does events worldwide. Definitely a name of the future, I’ll bet.

Showcasing Hilfiger Denim, what strikes me is how each woman has expressed herself so uniquely through what she is wearing: sexy femme, striking androgyne, punkette, girl next door, urchin, intimidating rock chick.

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