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#ToddlerStylist trend takes off as fashion blogger's experiment goes viral



Day Three of the Experiment

A woman who let her toddler dress her for a week has gained over 1M hits as the hashtag #ToddlerStylist takes on a life of its own.

Summer Bellessa, one half of new media blogger duo Girls With Glasses, let her son pick out her outfits for one week as an experiment.

Writing for the Disney blog 'Babble', she wrote that she wanted to "turn the tables" on the power structure in their relationship.

 "I have picked out my son’s outfits almost every day of his three years on this planet".

"I thought it would be fun to... let him pick my outfits out for a few days".

Toddler Rockwell chose seven outfits in total - some better than others.

Bellessa writes that it was "so much fun to see his face" when she took his suggestions.

On day three, Rockwell chose a flowery dress paired with flowery socks and pink runners.


Close enough!

Fashion blogger Bellessa found this outfit the hardest at first.

"I was a little self-conscious running my errands that day, but again, to my surprise I didn’t get one double-take or stare of curiosity", adding "Instead,I got a woman who stopped me to tell me she liked my socks!"

Video of the Day

By the end of the week, Bellessa reports that her toddler son had had enough of her experiment and was "glad it was over".

"Picking out my outfit every day was starting to take too much out of his day".

She says she's learned a lot over the course of a week.

"I realized how little people really care about what you’re wearing... I wore two different shoes for two days, and no one noticed until I pointed it out".

Read more about her experiment - including a day where Rockwell didn't pick any trousers for her - over on her blog.

Girls With Glasses have a weekly webshow, which you can find here, or follow them on Twitter here.

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