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Tim Gunn: Sparkle at Christmas within your budget


Tim Gunn and Weight Watchers member Abby Dale in New York.

Tim Gunn and Weight Watchers member Abby Dale in New York.

Tim Gunn and Weight Watchers member Abby Dale in New York.

Tim Gunn wants people to step out of their "comfort zone" this holiday season.

The Project Runway star has encouraged the public to embrace bright colours and glitter for their Christmas parties.

Although he has been a fan of the simple black dress in the past he believes the festive period is the time to experiment.

"I used to always celebrate and praise the little black dress, but I have a different take this season. I want people to step out of their comfort zone and look at all the gorgeous colours and prints that are out there in party dresses,” he told Parade.

Tim is also adamant that women can get an amazing party dress even on a low budget.

He says now is the perfect time to grab a bargain.

“There's tons of sparkle and everything's affordable. There's no reason to leave your budget when you're shopping for party dresses. I've been doing a lot of it recently for various women I'm working with and I'm saying with seriousness that the most expensive item is $119, so I know it can be done," he said.

Tim has recently been styling the winner of the Weight Watchers Inspiring Stories contest.

Abby Dale lost 100lbs. and as a result needs a completely new wardrobe.

Tim admitted he prefers styling ordinary women.

"To be perfectly honest, I love real women. I love women who are navigating the world outside of the red carpet and who just want to feel better about themselves,” he explained. “At the core, I'm an educator, and when I work with a woman to recalibrate her style, it's a collaboration. I don't believe in making women into my dress-up dolls, so we do it together. I much prefer real women and not celebrities."

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