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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Thou shalt dress with style

Designer's tips for looking gorgeous

Model Chloe wears a matt jersey dress with capped sleeves.
Model Chloe wears a matt jersey dress with capped sleeves.
Alison models an opera coat with slip dress.
Baiba wears a brown chiffon skirt with cloque jacket.

Bairbre Power Fashion Editor

COUTURIER Richard Lewis is a respected fashion expert because he doesn't play the 'Yes' game with women.

Yesterday, the designer shot from the hip about Irish wardrobe excesses of the last decade, compiling '10 style commandments' on how to get it right in the future.

"Let your head look to fashion, but your hearts look to style," said Lewis, who cautioned women against becoming fashion victims by slavishly following trends.

After more than 40 years in the business, Lewis recommended that women should not be upstaged by their clothes. "Always wear the dress -- never let the dress wear you," he advised.

Practical advice for men and women is to "invest in a full-length mirror" and when it comes to the issue of designer logos, the straight-talking Dubliner maintained "the only initials one should wear are your own".

However, before the fashion police should get too stroppy, the irony of compiling 10 commandments is not lost on the designer, whose commandment number 10 states that "rules are made to be broken".

Delivering his commandments with a wry smile yesterday as he unveiled his spring/summer collection at Dublin's RHA art gallery, Lewis explained how he was inspired to pen his style commandments after years of watching unfortunate Irish fashion excesses in the Noughties.

"Looking forward to a new decade in fashion, I found myself reflecting on the last with dismay," said Lewis, who lists some of the main offenders as showing off vast expanses of exposed flesh and wearing impossibly high shoes.

"I have drawn up guidelines and people should use their imaginations."

For spring/summer 2010, Lewis favoured a very pared down look with dresses "almost bordering on plain"

Understated matte jersey dresses in shades of amethyst and magenta take on a whole new direction when you add a long, wrap around chiffon skirt and hey presto, you turn a daytime frock into a 'wow' evening outfit. Colours are dark for evening, but with splashes of colour.

Lewis's loyal base of clients were enthusiastic about the collection which epitomised what the designer does best: classic styles for discerning women.

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