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The Way We Wear: The style message from the street


Carl Shaaban

Carl Shaaban

Carl Shaaban

Carl discreetly combines leather, skulls and camouflage. His DSquared cap and McQueen-style scarf add colour, texture and cool to his layered look.

He is Carl Shaaban, 27, producer/model, Clondalkin, Dublin.

he wears Jacket, €25, All Saints outlet shop. Hoody by Ed Hardy, present bought in LA. T-shirt, €40, Superdry. Cap by DSquared, $40, LA. Scarf, present. Jeans by Diesel, €140, Arnotts. Boots, present bought in Genius.

what is your...

  • Favourite shop?

Ed Hardy on Melrose in LA.

  • Bargain buy?

A vintage, dark brown, fitted sheepskin jacket for €60 in Urban Outfitters.

  • Biggest splurge?

A 70s style, white ruffled shirt by DSquared for €300 from Brown Thomas.

  • Best and worst dressed style icons?

The best is Johnny Depp and the worst is Brian Cowen.

  • Favourite label or designer?


  • Monthly spend on clothes?

I haven't bought stuff in a while, so only about €40.

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  • Last fashion buy?

A red check shirt by Marc Jacobs reduced to €110 in the Brown Thomas sale.

  • Biggest fashion mistake?

Long johns.

  • What do you love and hate in fashion?

I love double-breasted suits and I hate Dubes (Dubarrys).

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