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The way we Wear: The style message from the street


Caragh Hesse-Tyson

Caragh Hesse-Tyson

Caragh Hesse-Tyson

Caragh takes inspiration from the past with this look. The tapestry-style carpet bag and sweet vintage hat add a twist of old-style chic to a muted colour palette.

She is: Caragh Hesse-Tyson, 20, student, Dublin.

she wears Coat, €100; cardigan, €40; and trousers, €60, all from Topshop. Blouse, €6, Penneys. Hat, belongs to my granny.

Bag, €5, SVP charity shop. Boots, €40,

New Look.

what is your ...

  • Favourite shop?

Wild Child.

  • Bargain buy?

This blouse.

  • Biggest splurge?

A pair of black Melissa shoes with a red heart on the toe by Vivienne Westwood for €100 from eBay.

  • Best and worst dressed style icons?

The best is Daisy Lowe and the worst is Cheryl Cole.

  • Favourite label or designer?

Marc Jacobs.

  • Monthly spend on clothes?

Between €100-€150.

  • Last fashion buy?

This bag.

  • Biggest fashion mistake?

I wore a bra outside a top, thinking it was sporty-chic. My boyfriend never let me live it down.

  • What do you love and hate in fashion?

I love how you can find cheap things and make them your own and I hate when everyone wears the same thing.

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