Friday 15 December 2017

The Style Jury: Four victims receive the verdict

Christine Teigen.
Christine Teigen.
Pixie Lott
Emma Stone
Cameron Diaz

Barbre Power, Vicki Notaro, Kevin Doyle

Christine Teigen, Cameron Diaz, Pixie Lott and Emma Stone are given the once over by the Style Jury.

8/10 Christine Teigen

Vicki: Just the right amount of cleavage, balanced out with sleeves and long trousers, and the colour is perfect on her. Girl crush! 9/10

Kevin: She’d want to steer clear of coffee, colourful cocktails and public transport. 5/10

Bairbre: Fabulous. The only thing I can fault in this outfit is the puddle hemline - she’ll hurt herself! 9/10

5/10 Cameron Diaz

Bairbre: The uneven distribution of print on top throws the whole look off.


Vicki: Cameron has the opposite problem to Pixie (right) - a killer body hidden by an awful, shapeless dress with a frankly minging colour scheme.


Kevin: Conservative dress to wear at a premier of movie called  Sex Tape.


3/10 Pixie Lott

Kevin: Taking the whole ‘denim is back in fashion’ thing a bit to the extreme.


Bairbre: Did she get dressed in the dark? Nothing matches, and it looks terribly Granny’s attic.


Vicki: Just because Pixie has the body to pull this outfit off, it doesn’t mean she should! I bet it cost a fortune, but it looks cheap.


9/10 Emma Stone

Vicki: The thing is, I’m not mad about any of Emma’s pieces by themselves. But there’s something about the entire package that makes me overlook the funny coloured shoes!


Bairbre: Now this is a girl who could give a masterclass in how to get it right, from her sunglasses to her leather jacket and floaty dress. Top of the class!  9/10

Kevin: Emma really looks the part - a proper lady in red. 9/10

First published in INSIDER Magazine, exclusive to Thursday's Irish Independent

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