Monday 23 October 2017

The race for best dressed - how to be best dressed at the races

Standing out from the crowd at the races isn't always easy. Photo: Getty Images.
Standing out from the crowd at the races isn't always easy. Photo: Getty Images.

Angela Scanlon

The biggest mistake people make when choosing an outfit is ignoring the vital element of appropriateness. At the races you’re in the cold all day (usually), standing on your feet for hours, moving around and probably drinking. This has to be taken into consideration when you’re shopping.

Here are my top ten tips to bag the best dressed prize:

Remember to look for a coat or dress jacket as well as a dress, it’s what you’re likely to be seen in all day.

Don’t dress like you’re going out on the town. Even if you are hitting the tiles after the races, it’s essentially a daytime event and your outfit should reflect this.

Wear a hat/fascinator/feathery concoction. The best dressed always wears a hat. Philip Treacy preferably!

Support Irish designers and stores. Judges love when you’re wearing something homegrown. A bit of Pennys/high seems to impress more recently too.

Co-ordination seems to be what judges often go for but don’t feel like you have to dress head-to-toe in purple in order to catch their attention. Less is more.

Go for something simple and striking rather than fussy, and remember to keep it age appropriate as well as weather appropriate.

Steer clear of body-con dresses. You’ll be sitting down, sipping champagne and eating chips by the end of the day – not very flattering in a skin-tight dress.

Make sure that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Regardless of the occasion it should reflect your own personal style.

Ditch the fake tan. It’s tacky and has no place at the races.

Wear shoes that you can walk in and break them prior to the day. Nursing blistered feet is not an option.

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