Tuesday 24 October 2017

The celebrity red carpet fashion wrap for the week

Miss: Nikki Sanderson
Miss: Nikki Sanderson
Hit: Emily Blunt
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

A look at the wardrobe hits and misses

Emily Blunt

Pity poor Emily. She played the role of fashion's most fabulous assistant in The Devil Wears Prada and got to parade about in one amazing ensemble after another. Talk about a dream role.

But if that's your first claim to fame, then you're going to feel a bit of pressure on the red carpet. After all, there are so many mean-spirited people out there who just can't wait to judge the sartorial choices of others.

Never mind, Emily, you've made the cut – this time.

We quite like this elegant Prada gown with its sleek, unforgiving contours. It's certainly a brave choice for the mother of a three-month-old; we're very impressed.

Don't feel too complacent though. To be blunt, Emily, your reputation is only as good as your last red carpet night out.

Nikki Sanderson

Now this is a good look – that is, if you're going to a fancy dress party as one of those loo roll holders that Hyacinth Bucket was so fond of.

Seriously Nikki, whatever were you thinking?! We know that you're at the Soap Awards and all sartorial sense is banned from that outing, but really this is so disappointing.

We're sure that you thought you were making a dramatic entrance – perhaps you were trying to embrace your inner showgirl?! And it did work, we must admit that we were stunned when we caught sight of you (that dress from Manchester designer Zeynep Kartal is hard to miss, unfortunately).

But the combination of a tight, nude corset and ruffles is a definite fashion fail for the Hollyoaks star.

Nice shoes though.

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