Sunday 8 December 2019

The big eShe: Newbridge Silverware's exciting range

Roz Purcell is the face of the eShe range. Picture: Barry McCall
Roz Purcell is the face of the eShe range. Picture: Barry McCall
Roz Purcell wears: Shirt, €975; trousers, €560, both Alexander McQueen, Brown Thomas, Cuff, €35; collar, €100; ‘multiwear’ piece (can be worn as a belt or as a necklace), €20; all eShe, Newbridge Silverware. Photo: Barry McCall
Top, €23, Topshop. Shorts, €50, River Island. Shoes (not in shot), €960, Balenciaga, Brown Thomas. Large cuff, €30; multi-stone cuff; €35; torc, €25; beaded necklace, €65, all eShe, Newbridge Silverware. Photo: Barry McCall
Dress, €39.95, H&M. Toggle-detail cuff, €25, Necklace, €35; ‘multiwear’ piece (worn as belt), €20; filigree cuff, €30, all eShe, Newbridge Silverware. Photo: Barry McCall
Trousers, €595, Dolce & Gabbana, Brown Thomas. Torc necklace, €25; multi-leaf necklace, €75; neckpiece (worn as a bracelet), €80; all eShe, Newbridge Silverware. Photo: Barry McCall.
Dress, €55, Earrings, €40, eShe, Newbridge Silverware. Photo: Barry McCall
Dress, €60, River Island. Chunky neckpiece, €50; large flower neckpiece, €100, both eShe, Newbridge Silverware

Constance Harris

It's hard to get this fashion editor really excited. But excited is exactly what I am today, as LIFE readers get to see for the first time, and exclusively, eShe, Newbridge Silverware's exciting, new high-fashion-directed costume-jewellery range, modelled by the stunning Roz Purcell as you have never seen her before.

"It started with Maedbh, my daughter, telling me two years ago that there was nothing for her age group in our ranges," William Doyle, CEO of Newbridge Silverware, tells me. "We built our success with a generation of young women, who stayed loyal to us.

"We hadn't realised they were older now and there was another generation coming up we weren't looking after."

Maedbh Doyle is 16, and very definitely a fashion head. She spends her holidays working on the shop floor, learning from customers, staff and her parents. Couple that experience with making mood boards of what inspires her in fashion and make-up, doing part-time courses in fashion at Portobello Institute under the tutelage of Nicola Kilkenny, and you appreciate that, though young, Maedbh Doyle has intuitive savvy.

"I think a lot of fashion right now is quite old," Maedbh tells me. "It doesn't have much for my age group, or even girls in their 20s. We want to look different. Jewellery is a great way to change your look. I have worn some of these pieces out at night, and in the day, and people always love them."

Maedbh picked up a particularly elaborate piece to illustrate her point, explaining how she wore it the previous Friday night, and then in the daytime, with the necklace tucked under a shirt collar and with a sweater.

eShe offers striking, gladiator-style gold cuffs and chain-mail necklaces (very Lanvin and Gucci), and more feminine, yet highly dramatic pieces with elaborate diamante, glass, resin, stone and ribbon embellishment. There are several headpieces ideal for brides, debs and party princesses.

eShe pieces start from €20, up to €100, and are available from select stockists nationwide and from

Unlike a lot of costume jewellery on the market that falls apart within one wear, can be badly finished and damage your clothes, eShe is designed to last and is beautifully made.

"We have put a lot into ensuring the quality that customers expect from Newbridge Silverware is there," William Doyle tells me. So good is the design and finish, I reversed several of the pieces because the back was as beautifully constructed as the front.

"People don't have the money to be buying whole new outfits," Maedbh states. "Jewellery like this is a good way to change your look easily, and you can look really different from everyone else."

  • Photography by Barry McCall, Styling by Courtney Smith, Fashion edited by Constance Harris.

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