Friday 24 January 2020

Sunny Days

Packing the perfect suitcase needn’t be a nightmare. Try a mix of new goodies, wardrobe staples and a few ‘hero’ accessories to pull it all together...

Bairbre power

Packing for the holidays is an art. There's the thrill of folding those new goodies into the case, but lest we ruin the first day of the holiers feelings disgruntled by extra luggage charges, let's apply pragmatism mixed with minimalism.

Who needs six pairs of shoes when half that will do -- some flats, heels and a handy pair of wedges, such as the ones (far right) that we used in our Marks & Spencer high-summer shoot.

The moral of the fashion tale is to rock a colour palette such as nauticals or aquas, monochromes or florals, and you can justify packing core accessories because they are so effective at pulling those outfits together.

The first few days of the holidays can be a nightmare. You can look a bit all over the place -- and those milk-bottle-white legs won't help your confidence on the beach. But a little false tan and a few 'hero' accessories, such as statement neckpieces, coordinating baskets and embellished sandals, can help to unite all those new frocks, shorts and tunics without a strop or suitcase meltdown.

Mark my words, maxis are addictive, and they are deliciously oblivious to time. Head to breakfast in one teamed with FitFlops then, 18 hours later, you could be out on the dance floor in one with killer heels.

PS -- Have a great holiday!


Photography by Kieran Hartnett

Styling by Catherine Condell

Assisted by Shivaun Roche

Hair & Make-Up by Mary Bruton

Models Baiba @ Assets, Nikki and Chloe @ Morgan the Agency

Irish Independent

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