Friday 20 April 2018

Stylewatch: Training day

Thalia Heffernan
Thalia Heffernan

Trainers have made the leap. From being something we wore on the walk into work, or to the gym, and maybe for running around at the weekend, they have now become all-times appropriate.

Isabel Marant's Bekkets - the high-top wedge trainers - started it by making runners a fashion trend. The really high-end labels got on board by doing a luxury trainer - the most notable and most covetable being Chanel.

And much as we're baffled by her popularity, constant trainer-wearer Cara Delevingne probably had something to do with the trend. And this is not 'battered Converse with a dress' style. It's dressy trainers, worn anytime, anywhere - see top model Thalia Heffernan.

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