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Stylewatch: The return of colour

The big debate isn’t whether or not colour is back, rather it’s just what is the colour of the season. Yes, we’re hailing the end of the era of camel. Whether it was citrus orange at Stella McCartney, above, coral and hot pink at Louis Vuitton, or eye-catching blue and pink prints at Prada, one thing is crystal clear: the age of beige is over.


When it comes to footwear, style and comfort rarely go hand in hand, but American brand Rockport just might have mastered combining both. Rockport promises that its sandals are the ultimate walking shoe. While we’re not sure these elegant, comfortable slingbacks, €100, would be our first choice when scaling the Sugarloaf, we do think that they’re perfect for partied-out toes in early January.

Rockport have now opened their first Irish concession in Clerys, tel: (01) 878-6000. Also available nationwide.