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Stylewatch: The pop-up

An Irish solution to an Irish problem? The long-term hiring of a premises isn’t realistic for many boutiques /restaurants/beauticians right now, but they’re not letting that stop them.

Pop-ups are now the latest shopping/dining fad. Our current favourite is Nina Divito’s Kildare Village pop-up boutique; it’s the last day today, so you still have time to pick up one of her stunning pairs of shoes, at discounts of up to 60 per cent.

Unfortunately, Nina is taking a year off for health reasons, so her shoes are virtually collector’s items. For men in need of a guaranteed-to-impress Valentine’s Day gift, this is a sure thing. Kildare Village, Nurney Rd, Kildare,

Co Kildare, tel: (045) 520-501, or see www.kildarevillage.com