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Stylewatch: The perfect sunglasses

Yes, we’re a little over being told about the perfect investment bag/shoe/dress/coat and the like. And if we never hear the word "timeless" being applied to an item of clothing again, we’ll be the happier for it.

But there’s one classic investment item we’re gripping with both of our perfectly manicured paws. The perfect pair of sunglasses will never, repeat never, be a bad buy. Why? Because they’re probably the only way we’ll get our hands on a little piece of Tom Ford, or Chanel, as seen here on FHM’s High Street Honey 2011, Irish Model Katie Larmour. These purveyors of luxury go a little way to making our world go round; and, no matter what you’re wearing, from the smartest get-up to the most casual attire, your outfit will always benefit from a pair of cool shades.

Sunglasses, Chanel, from a selection at Brown Thomas Dublin, tel: (01) 605-6666