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Friday 20 September 2019

Stylewatch: The new grown-up

Actress Eve Macklin.
Actress Eve Macklin.
Danielle Ryan

The death of trends has been hailed for a few seasons now. The New Grown-up is a reaction to all the bodycon, hooker-heels trashiness and infantile, hipsterish, dungaree-style novelty dressing out there.

It's a more considered approach to one's wardrobe, rather than grabbing at every passing trend. The 'slow clothes' movement, you might call it, except it's not inspired by sustainability, but rather towards a more put-together, grown-up style.

It's a little bit French-movie-actress, with a shade of British heritage. It's old-school, but not slavishly vintage; a little bit classic, but not boringly so. If the New Grown-up fits with  any current trend, it would  be Victoriana, by way of a good white shirt, or a classic black suit. Actress Eve Macklin, at the recent premiere of her movie Brooklyn, is one example - she looked classic, but not boring. Danielle Ryan, pictured at the same event, is another.

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