Saturday 21 September 2019

Stylewatch: Chloe Agnew

Successful singer: Chloe Agnew.
Successful singer: Chloe Agnew.

Many of those of her generation have built careers out of self-promotion and little talent, but Chloe Agnew, left - who has quietly worked away on a hugely successful singing career since her teens - is a breath of fresh air. Former Celtic Woman star Chloe has none of the self-entitled, diva-ish tendencies one might expect from the next generation of one of the country's foremost entertainment families.

She's managed to weather the various travails of her parents - Twink and David Agnew - with a huge amount of dignity. In fact, at times, she seems to be the one maintaining a sort of family togetherness. Mature for her age, she has almost out-matriarched her own mother, who, as we all know, is Ireland's ultimate do-not-mess-with-me matriarch.

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