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Saturday 18 January 2020

Stylewatch: Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton should be officially anointed as 'a guide for ageing rockers on how to age gracefully'. Nothing about him says try-hard, or that this is a man refusing to acknowledge the ageing process.

In fact, the naturally grey- to-white hair and stylish-but-not-overly-fashiony outfit speak of a man who is quietly confident in his own skin, and at home with his own maturity. OK, so he's lucky enough to have an impressively full head of hair, but those close to him would do well to take note.

The outfit is perfection, nothing gimmicky or childish. A really quality shearling coat, teamed with a mostly black outfit, with a touch of leopard print to keep things rock n' roll.

It is as good a look as anything Keith Richards has come up with, only far healthier-looking.

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