Sunday 26 January 2020

Stylemma: Where can I find a funky wedding outfit?

Lily dress by L.K. Bennett £195 (€222)
Lily dress by L.K. Bennett £195 (€222)

Angela Scanlon

I would like to buy a dress that I can wear to two weddings this year. I am willing to pay up to about €200 and it is proving very difficult to find anything that is not the usual Karen Millen/Coast overly tailored boned, strapless, satin style.

It is also extremely difficult to find anything that is not flouncy, frilly and “weddingy”.

Where can I find a dress that is funky yet formal, fashionable, affordable and unlikely to be worn by other members of the wedding party?

Laura, Dublin

When you’re determined to avoid the usual hot-spots for wedding outfits, but still looking for something that doesn’t break the bank it can be difficult, but not impossible.

Karen Millen and Coast do offer some simpler dresses which can be styled individually to avoid doppelganger dress syndrome. Avoid their signature dresses or anything that’s been in the window - it’s the one that everyone recognises.

LK Bennett have beautiful classic dresses that will last you for a few seasons and can be restyled for different occasions. Expect to pay around €250 though but with only one stand-alone store you’re unlikely to bump into anyone with the same dress.

Vintage is also a great option. Jenny Vander in Castle Market St and A Store is Born on Clarendon St (only open on Saturdays) are both fantastic for unique styles. And if you talk nicely to Marie (ASIB) she may even allow you to take the dress back and exchange it for another after you’ve worn it.

On the high street Monsoon shouldn’t be ignored. The Dundrum Town Centre branch holds a range called Monsoon “Originals” which is exclusive to them. You may pay a little over €200 but the detailing and fabrics are fantastic. Also BT2 hold some great labels that are very well priced. T.B.A do beautiful silk dresses with hand-finished collars for approx €165 and, Selected Femme and Numph have great options in colour that range between €60 and €150. Enough change to splash out on an awesome pair of shoes too!

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