Saturday 21 April 2018

'You're not in Benidorm, there's no need for floral shirts and chest hair' - 7 mistakes every Irish man makes in the sun

Irish designer Eamonn McGill
Irish designer Eamonn McGill
Irish designer Eamon McGill
Miss Ireland Joanna Cooper at Miss Universe in 2015
Jennifer Clerkin wore Eamonn McGill's creation on the red carpet
Jennifer Clerkin wore Eamonn McGill's creation on the red carpet
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Stuck for what to wear?

At 24 years old, Irish designer Eamonn McGill has created a bespoke gown that was worn to the Golden Globes, scored an internship at Marchesa and regularly sees his work on red carpets  both in Ireland and abroad.

The Dundalk native has created outfits for Iggy Azalea, Nadia Forde and Amanda Byram, so he knows a thing or two about the importance of dressing appropriately.

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees today and our general lack of preparedness for dressing for warmer climates, we spoke to Eamonn about top tips for men dressing in the sun.

Miss Ireland Joanna Cooper at Miss Universe in 2015

1. Remember where you are

“It's not every day we have hot weather in Ireland , so we might as well embrace it . I always think, "Act like your going on holidays, what would you wear there?” , then tone it down a little. You’re not in Benidorm, so we don't need to see floral shirts with chest hair on show. You’re in Ireland after all!”

2. Choose fabrics wisely

“Keep it simple with light, airy fabrics. Breathable fabrics are obviously a better choice in this weather. That polyester GAA shell jacket isn't a good choice.”

3. Wear what you feel comfortable in

“A white shirt and chino shorts look good on the large majority of the male population, but they may not suit you. If you don't feel comfortable in it, there is no point in wearing it. The same rule applies if you feel comfortable in a crop top and short shorts – just do it. Who cares if everyone stares!”

4. Stay away from flip flops

“It's never a good choice to wear flip flops unless you’re at the beach. If you’re wearing socks and flip flops, go home and change. It makes no sense! Dress shoes are not made to go with sports shorts.”

“I think espadrilles are always a good choice as they tend to work for most age groups and can be dressed up or down. A slim-fitted runner like the Nike Free Run or Flyknit is a good choice for casual wear.”

5. Choose a fit that suits you

“I'm the first to admit to wearing clothes that are tight and regretting it later. We are in the middle of summer and you are the shape you are. Wear the size that you feel comfortable in - it will look better.”

6. Make a few new additions to your wardrobe

“Picking up a few new plain summer pieces won't break the bank - there's always Penneys! They have some decent summer bits. Keep away from the non-fluorescent stuff and it will look good.”

7. Don't forget your feet

“Many people won't agree with me, but it's the one thing that bothers me. Flip flops and Velcro sandals give me that cringe , shivers in your back feeling. I can't understand why people want to show the world their yellow toenails and hairy feet! Nothing wrong with a pedicure lads.”

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