Friday 20 September 2019

Women weigh in on what fashion designers should be selling them

Clothes hang on a shelf: Stock photo
Clothes hang on a shelf: Stock photo

Clare Cullen

Women on Tumblr have weighed in on what fashion designers should be making and selling, if fashion reflected what women wanted from their clothes.

Style.Mic polled their followers on Tumblr to find out what women really wanted from their clothes, and the answers were vastly different to what they are offered every day in the fashion world.

First to get the chop were pocket less trousers and dresses.

One user wrote that "If a line of clothing promised me I would always have pockets big enough to hold my wallet and keys, I would never buy clothing anywhere else for the rest of my life."

Another added that the silhouette often lauded by fashion houses was of little consequence to her.

"I don't care if my phone makes it look like I have giant hips, I just want it to fit in my pocket."

Readers also expressed the desire for a "waistband that will fit you all month".

One wrote "The responsive waistband ... I bloat easily", while another expanded, writing "Whenever I'm bloated I wear bigger clothes, but they don't fit my legs, hips, waist...".

'Sheer' white shirts also came under fire from the ladies.

"White need not be transparent! It CAN be white! I've seen men's shirts that are white".

""No more see through tops!"

Readers voted that they were officially over the 'crop top', writing: "contrary to what retailers seem to think, I don't need constant easy access to my belly button, and I don't want it on display either!"

Other items on the wish list included jeans comfortable to work out in, consistent sizes across brands, shirts with "moisture-wicking" in the "armpits and underboobs" and "jackets thick enough to keep you warm instead of just looking cute".

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