Wednesday 13 November 2019

Woman (21) claims her Frozen obsession saved her during battle with depression

Kirsty Taylor believes Disney film Frozen helped her through a tumultuous time in her life.

The 21-year-old appeared on ITV’s This Morning to open up about her battle with mental illness.

"At the time I was suffering from severe depression and locked away in my room, Elsa's character inspired me,” Kirsty revealed. “She gave me hope. She was battling demons like I was battling my own. I know it's a film, but I thought if she can do it, I can”

“When I first saw Frozen, I loved the story, the music, the characters - especially Elsa. She's not your typical Disney princess, she wasn't going out to find her true love.”

Kirsty also admitted she has spent over €1300 to emulate her role model Elsa.

She sleeps under a Frozen bed spread, has all the movie-related merchandise and several custom made costumes and wigs that allow her dress up as her heroine.

Drama student Kirsty also has a costume for her dog (whom she has named Elsa) and routinely makes her boyfriend Jake dress up as ‘Kristoff’.

Kirsty previously worked as a sales rep in the Disney Store in her local town of Rotherham, but she has now pursued her passion full time, attending parties and schools dressed as Elsa.

"She is my ultimate role model," Kirsty confessed. "I don't know what I'd do without Frozen. It's taken over all aspects of my life."

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