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What happened when Cher called one Irish woman a 'jealous b*tch' on Twitter


Cher (left) and Holly Shortall (right)

Cher (left) and Holly Shortall (right)

Cher (left) and Holly Shortall (right)

Twitter is a battlefield.

Yes, you have the highs - like access to A-list celebrities and even the President of the United States. But then you have the bad side - where trolls, sometimes also in the shape of A-list celebrities, start an online smackdown of epic proportions.

And no one is less afraid of throwing down the Twitter gauntlet more than living legend, Cher. For example, when she was asked what she did to celebrate Madonna's birthday, she replied: "A colonic".

The iconic singer, who veers in and out of caps lock and never met an emoji she didn't like, is famous for her outrageous tweets. But when she labelled one Irish follower (fashion illustrator and contributor to this very website Holly Shortall) a "jealous bitch"...well, things got interesting.

It all started when Cher super fan @El Chico Del Apt 512 posted a picture of his birthday gift - a coffee table made of Cher's best tweets, tagging the woman herself.

"I got a coffee table of @Cher's best tweets as a gift. I don't see how my birthday can get any better," he wrote.

" I don't know but I am seething with jealousy," once again, tagging Cher.

Cher interjects: "Jealousy is a GIFT BITCH That Just Keeps On Giving   Weird Thing..You're Not hurting Any1,But YOU,Cause ur Hiding Your SHAME."

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Things certainly escalated quickly.

Holly tells us what happened, in her words: "I basically woke up and saw Cher had replied to a tweet I'd sent someone who had been gifted an incredible homemade book of iconic Cher tweets, which I had said I was seething with jealousy over as it was a really thoughtful and deadly present. I've loved Cher since forever so I would adore something like that.

"I  read her reply about 43 times trying to decipher what she meant to no avail but thought the most iconic line was 'jealousy is a gift bitch', basically thinking Cher had called me a bitch."

In typical form, Holly not only bounced back from the  bizarre exchange, but came out on top. Her new tagline? "Jealousy is a gift bitches."

And she posted two different selfies with her new favourite phrase.

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