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The Loves of my Life: Sonya Lennon, fashion designer


Sonya Lennon. Photo: Eilish McCormack

Sonya Lennon. Photo: Eilish McCormack

Sonya Lennon. Photo: Eilish McCormack

Fashion designer Sonya Lennon on the many loves of her life and how moments with her twins make her heart want to explode.

The person

It has to be my partner, Dave - we celebrate 20 years together this October. He is always challenging on so many levels; he is an intellect and an artist, and I will always love him whatever happens

The memory

My Mum spraying on Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche to complete her look, before going out on a date with my Dad

The moment of the day

Every night I kiss my twins on the way to my own bed. I whisper to each their own words of love, and sometimes they whisper a love story back. It makes my heart want to explode

The song

Laura Marling, Ghosts. It always transports me and makes me cry, not out 
of sadness, but out of a 
deep sense of who and where I am

The movie

The Great Gatsby (original). I love the glamour, but also the pathos and meaningless of it all

The hero

I'm not really into heroes but I am into role models. Natalie Massenet of 
Net-a-Porter for business acumen, Tilda Swinton for style and life choices, Iris Apfel for pure joie de vivre

The book

Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel, by Eric Boman

The outfit

When we design special Lennon Courtney pieces for red-carpet events, there is a wonderful feeling of pride

The accessory

My Chanel snake choker with carnelian stones and paste. I suppose it reminds me of that distinct 70s-style disco glamour inspired by the 40s

The gadget

I love my wooden citrus squeezer, no batteries, 
no cord - just push and twist

The pet hate

Running taps

The friend

I have a small group of amazing true friends. I'm not going to purposefully upset any one of them at this stage of my life

The beauty product

Armani Maestro foundation. It's as though it doesn't exist

The holiday

Martinhal in Sagres, Portugal, or the wilds of Connemara

The piece of advice

Thinking about doing something is always 
about a hundred times harder than actually 
doing it

The drink

Tequila, passion fruit, lime, loads of ice and a thick straw

The hotel

The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore

The bar

The cocktail bar in Pershing Hall in Paris

The hobby


The part of my body

My lips

The celebrity

Tilda Swinton

The virtue


The vice

Cheese curls

The smell

Night-scented Jasmine, fresh rosemary and Comme des Garcons White

The taste

Chilli, hot

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