Thursday 19 July 2018

The Hot List: What we loved (and loathed) this week

Holly Shortall
Holly Shortall
Holly Carpenter Miss University in 2011

Holly Shortall

Holly Shortall charts what got us talking for all the right and wrong reasons this week.

We Love...

Inglot: The Black Swan Collection


Not content with being one of the most in-demand makeup brands in the country, Inglot have only gone and launched a range of three moisturising matte lipsticks that are ~the~ perfect shades for Autumn / Winter ’15. We’re struggling to pick a favourite, but you better hurry up as these newbies are sure to sell out in a flash.


Custom Vintage Dublin


Who said sunglasses were for just for summer? Famed for their personalised denim shorts worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner, CVD just launched a range of mirrored shades for A/W '15, with prices starting at €25. Sure who cares if it’s been lashing for three weeks straight? They’ll keep the rain out of your eyes.


Love online shopping? Then you will be equally obsessed with Irish-run website OPSH, which was just voted one of the top five fashions apps by Harper's Bazaar! Featuring all your fave brands, it's the perfect excuse to stay in bed this weekend, while still being productive. Shopping is productive...right?




With makeup contouring tutorials reaching new levels of excess every week, we're embracing the 'tontouring' technique created by Cocoa Brown’s Irish founder Marissa Carter. Rather than piling on the products, this new trend encourages a more natural beauty look by using a splodge of fake tan on bare skin to create the illusion of cheekbones. Check out the full story, here.




If you're not already on Snapchat, you simply have to download it - if only to follow the very popular James Kavanagh (jameskava). 

He's leading the charge of hilarious Irish snapchatters thanks to his hilarious mock beauty tutorials as a 'fashion and beauty blogger' which take a lighthearted jibe at the industry.


You couldn’t scroll through social media this week without seeing someone showing off their new Ban.Do stationary, whose range includes travel mugs, bags and diaries. And now Irish party supply website will be fully stocked with these products from September 3rd. Result!


Waxperts Wonder Pads


If ever there was a multi-tasking product to rave about… this is it.  Waxperts creators Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien created these pads as a way to stave off the dreaded in-grown hairs after a wax. They also target spots, dots, blackheads and breakouts. We’ll take ten tubs, please.


We Loathe...

Bikini competitions

Holly Carpenter Miss University in 2011

This year’s Miss Ireland competition will be all the more iconic considering it’s the first year there's no  bikini round included. Following the announcement this week, 2011 winner Holly Carpenter, said she was happy the next generation of contestants will no longer have to have their nearly-naked bods judged and compared on the big stage.


Back to school time


There’s just something about the words ‘back to school’ that would send a shiver down the warmest of spines. Expect packed buses and bumper-to-bumper traffic - not to mention every deli queue across the country to once again reclaim their spot as the loudest place on earth.


Other people's holiday photos


You never truly realise how annoying your own holiday photos are until you have to sit through an entire Instagram feed of someone else's. If we see one more photo of your feet by the pool, consider yourself blocked.

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