Monday 20 January 2020

Style Notebook: Get the Look...of model Roz Purcell

€330, Sea NY, Harvey Nichols
€39.95, Zara
€440, Whistles
€85, Oasis
€35, River island
€29.99, New Look
€7, Penneys
€80, River Island
€11, Penneys
€9, Penneys
Lisa Hannigan
The new Orla Kiely Etc travel pouch, €89

Festival fashion has undergone a disturbing transformation into fluro novelty-wear of late, so we were delighted to see top model, Roz, getting back to basics and going for a more classic Kate Moss approach.

She has a good, tomboyish, tri-force going on with the denim-leather-plaid combo, which she balances nicely with quite a feminine crochet top and loose locks. With this, Roz is definitely channelling Daisy Duke doing hippy-hippy-chic, and as usual, pulling it off with aplomb.

So Over: Twee - not cute, just tweedious

By now, hipster-bashing has become a bit of a 
national sport, like outrage at Dublin's city manager or bitching about the Angelus, but it's undeniably satisfying, all the same. Lately, we've found ourselves railing against a lesser-known hipster sub-faction we've dubbed 'Tweepsters'.

This lot are easily identified by the usual hipster hallmarks of brogue-wearing and 
non-prescription-glasses-touting. But these whimsy-mongers go further on the twee scale by cultivating incongruous hobbies like looming, knitting or basket weaving, and they feign a kind of 
faux-modest bumbling demeanour that we find quite irksome. However, Tweepster icon, 
Lisa Hannigan, right, uses her twee for good, rather than irritation, with her haunting vocals, and she also ups her own likeability with her penchant for neutralising her ephemeral beauty with the occasional woolly cap.

Dear Stylemma,

I've been loving getting back out on my bicycle this summer. However, I've found that being in the saddle in such heat has resulted in a bit of a fashion conundrum. I love wearing skirts to keep cool, but don't want to flash everyone. Any suggestions?

It's a pedal-pushing problemo alright. Our first tip is a bit of a DIY solution. Try affixing clothes pegs to the hem of a lightweight knee-length skirt to weigh it down and avoid a Marilyn moment. You'll laugh, but this does work. Tiger on Nassau St has a good selection of colourful pegs in the shape of flowers and leaves, so you don't look like you've stolen the skirt from a random clothes line. Another idea is to pick up a pair of cycling shorts from American Apparel on Grafton St, tel: (01) 670-6936 - modesty from the reasonable price of €24. If these suggestions strike you as too novelty-ish, then try a more weighty fabric, such as a skirt in jacquard. These are heavy enough to not fly up in the slightest breeze.

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ETC is electric

The Orla Kiely nappy bag has become a mandatory accessory for new mothers. There is hardly a pram in the land that doesn't sport this bag with its distinctive pattern. Orla Kiely is a brand that proves we like what we know and we know what we like. With subtle seasonal innovations to the original Kiely print, the brand is more popular than ever, with everything from accessories to stationary to compost bins getting the designer's treatment.

The new Etc range includes gorgeous, festival-friendly backpacks and cute travel pouches. We're loving the idea of the mum-pack hitting Electric Picnic in Stradbally next week, swapping the nappy bags for stashin' the naggin in the new Orla Kiely Etc travel pouch, €89

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