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Meet up and coming Irish stylist Joolie Collier, who is blazing a trail in the London fashion industry


Laois native Joolie Collier has been tipped as ‘one to watch’ by major UK magazine Stylist. Read more about the determined and talented Irish creative here.

Earlier this summer, she was picked from hundred of entrants to land a place in the semi-finals of the magazine’s search for the next big name in fashion styling.


Describing herself as a freelance stylist, assistant, intern, sandwich maker and magazine hoarder, the 27-year-old is working her way through placements and internships to gain as much experience as she can.

“All I wanted to do was compete. I wanted to give it a good old bash and thought maybe if I was lucky enough I might qualify,” she says of the contest.


“Out of hundreds of entrants, for the semi finals. I never imagined that I would win the first round and by more than 2000 votes.”

Joolie credits her family with “hassling” their neighbours outside mass, in the shops and at the school gates to help keep her in the lead in the competitive competition.


Following her graduation from University College Cork, Joolie hot footed it to London in a bid to crack the fashion industry.

“I never tried to make it in Ireland,” she admits  “I wasn't brave enough to take a chance on infiltrating the fashion industry at home so I fled to London where the city’s anonymity was my safety blanket.”


“I think that was the right choice though. London has so much going on and competition is still fierce but there is plenty of work to go around,” she said.

“ If you care to work your backside off & don't mind working for free you can gain crazy experience in a short space of time. Once you have started and garnered skills you can hopefully take them home and use them to crack Eire,” she mused.

Joolie hopes to one day style the pages of the magazines that initially ignited her passion for fashion, in particular Irish publications.

“I’d love to make a name for myself at home,” she says.

Help Joolie advance in the competition by visiting stylist.co.uk

Follow her on Instagram here.

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