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Meet the world's sexiest maths teacher - the male model multi-tasking as a UCL lecturer



It would take a course in advanced trigonometry to understand the angles of his washboard abs; his beauty defies real and complex analysis.

At least that’s according to the students of Pietro Boselli, the former UCL lecturer who is being called “the world’s hottest maths teacher”.

The 26-year-old from Negrar, Italy, who challenges the stereotype of the Zoolander-brained male model, has a PhD in mechanical engineering and was also crowned European Fitness Model 2014.

Dr Boselli’s diverse interests were brought to public attention when one of his students googled his name and tweeted: “That moment when you realise your maths lecturer is a top designer model.”


Student Arief Azli posted a picture of him teaching next to a shirtless, modelling image.

Only at UCL ‪#‎MechanicalEngineers‬ ‪#‎ModellingandAnalysis ‪#‎Bromance‬,” he added.

Another undergraduate commented: “This is why I never miss a class”.

The Italian was awarded an Undergraduate Faculty Excellence Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement in his first year at the London university, before going on to graduate with first-class honours.

The academic heartthrob left his position at UCL last summer and is now represented by Models 1, according to his Linkedin Profile.

His Instagram account, where he posts pictures of himself working out and backstage at shows, boasts more than 80,000 followers.

Since his work as a maths teacher has come to light, he has received fan messages from around the world.

“Good thing this guy wasn’t my maths teacher - I’d have had a hard time paying attention,” one said.

Another commented: “No fair! I never had a math teacher like you? I would have passed.”