Friday 23 March 2018

Meet the two-year-old Harry Styles look-alike slaying the toddler fashion game

Picture: Michael Rangamiz/Instagram
Picture: Michael Rangamiz/Instagram
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Does this two-year-old look familiar?

Those skinny jeans, aviator sunglasses and leather sunglasses should be your first clue. Your second is the fact that his mother manages him as a full-time Harry Styles look-alike in what might be the cutest job description we've ever heard.

Michael Rangamiz is causing a stir on Instagram over his resemblance to the One Direction singer, showing a penchant for Mick Jagger-esque style from an early age.

The half Iranian/half Russian toddler is managed by his mother, according to his bio, and she posts a series of photos of him wearing clothing similar to the superstar each week, captioning posts like: "Michael has a new hair cut.

"Just a little bit cause his hair need some rest after cold winter and 6 months of wearing hats. I use natural products for his hair so hope in two months to see him with long hair again. Time to wear headbands."

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