Thursday 22 February 2018

Meet the style tribesmen: Ireland's most fashionable gents

Swashbuckling: Colin Farrell
Swashbuckling: Colin Farrell
Jamie Dornan
Shane Horgan
Niall Horan
Michael Fassbender
Paul Galvin
Rob Kearney
Brendan Courtney
Conor McGregor
Ryan Tubridy
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

From what's in his wardrobe to what's on his wrist - you can tell a lot about a man by his fashion sense. So which club do you belong to?

A high-profile Australian TV anchor recently wore the same blue suit every day for a year. Karl Stefanovic of Channel 9's Today Show said he did it to prove a point about the way his female colleagues are judged. His hunch proved right - 365 days later, nobody had even noticed.

When it comes to getting dressed, men certainly have it easier than their female counterparts. They aren't overwhelmed by choice, hypnotised by trends or seduced by fast fashion. The suit is their uniform - perhaps that's why they stick hard and fast to a trademark style when they loosen their tie and change into something more comfortable.

They may not be dedicated followers of fashion but they certainly stay true to their personal style. To open our men's style special, here we introduce the 10 fashion tribes of modern Irish men…


Michael Fassbender

As worn by: Michael Fassbender, Bono, Danny O'Relly

The Off-Duty Rock Star look of distressed funnel-neck leather jacket, jeans and wrap-around sunglasses is for alpha-men and rebels without a cause - although it's generally agreed that you need to be able to play at least 12 guitar chords and roll your own in order to pull this one off. Sometimes, late at night, The Off-Duty Rock Star wonders for how much longer he can convincingly keep this up. Can you wear leather in your 60s?

On his wrist: Breitling Chronomat. Dream wheELS: Harley-Davidson or Ferrari Daytona.

Make mine a: Whiskey on the rocks. secretly idolises: Steve McQueen. Fantasises about: Being the one to bring about world peace.


Ryan Tubridy

As worn by: Brent Pope, Pierce Brosnan, Ryan Tubridy, Andrew Scott

If The Gent had a motto it would be "the suit maketh the man". Slipping standards haven't gone unnoticed, though. He wonders why it is that the tie has come undone, and he considers novelty to be a form of vandalism. He arrives at the airport three hours early in order to get his (Church's) shoes polished. A Brioni tie and gold Cartier pen complete the look. The Gent is always the best-dressed man at a wedding - and he knows it.

On his wrist: Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse.

Dream wheels: Aston Martin Rapide.

Make mine a: He gets a little shaken and stirred when the barman doesn't remember his usual order.

Secretly idolises: Clark Gable.

Fantasises about: Wearing an all-white linen suit and Panama hat.


Swashbuckling: Colin Farrell

As worn by: Colin Farrell, Danny O'Donoghue, Hozier

Dark, brooding and intense - The Swashbuckler is free of spirit and poetic of heart. He doesn't think he's among the world's best lovers - he knows he is. His look is best described as 'undone' - shirt unbuttoned, boot laces untied, hair studiously unstyled. The Swashbuckler has never met a scarf he didn't like. Other key accessories include fedoras, lotus beads and crucifixes.

On his wrist: A leather cuff.

Dream wheels: Vintage Mustang.

Make mine an: Absinthe.

Secretly idolises: Lord Byron.

Secretly worries: That he's pushed it too far by undoing yet another shirt button.


Shane Horgan

As worn by: Michael O'Leary, Tommy Bowe, Shane Horgan

If you've ever received an invite with a 'smart casual' dress code, just turn to the Classicist for style advice. White shirt (check), jeans (check), single-breasted suit jacket (check). Shirt should be tucked in (this is the law) to reveal brown/black leather belt (an investment piece). He bulk shops twice a year and while it might look like he seeks out the most inoffensive items on the rails, he's actually just not interested in reinventing the wheel.

On his wrist: TAG Heuer Formula 1.

Dream wheels: Mercedes C-Class.

Make mine a: Pint of Heineken.

Secretly idolises: JFK.

Fantasises about: Boot-cut jeans coming back into fashion.


Paul Galvin

As worn by: Paul Galvin

Skinny jeans, non-prescription glasses, limited-edition trainers (picked up in Berlin concept store) and let's not forget the lumberjack-worthy beard. The hipster likes to think he eschews trends and fast fashion (even if he looks like every other man on South William Street and his entire wardrobe can be acquired in Urban Outfitters). on his wrist: Casio Chrome.

Dream wheels: A customised fixie. make mine aN: Obscure craft beer. secretly idolises: James Franco. Fantasises about: Setting up his own festival.


Conor McGregor

As worn by: Conor McGregor, Shane Lynch

The Noble Savage strikes the delicate balance between the rough and the smooth. Think three-day-old stubble juxtaposed with a crisp Thomas Pink shirt, or a sleeve of tattoos peeking out from under a Stuarts London Crombie coat. He favours elegant, old-school labels but would be the first to roll up his (Burberry London shirt) sleeves and land a killer left hook if he had to. Partial to pocket watches, waistcoats and silk handkerchief. Also enjoys sporting an occasional nod to Mod.

On his wrist: Vintage Rolex Submariner. Dream wheELS: Vintage Jaguar E-Type. make mine a: Scotch on the rocks.

Secretly idolises: The Kray brothers. Fantasises about: Doing a Mike Tyson and getting his own tiger.


Niall Horan

As worn by: Kian Egan, Niall Horan

The Boy Next Door thinks of the 1990s as a golden era of fashion. Double denim, flannel shirts, waistcoats over T-shirts… they just don't make them like that any more. He'll admit he's no trendsetter - although he secretly thinks that he initiated the fashion revival of the lumberjack shirt. Ultimately, he wants a down-to-earth look that complements his down-to-earth attitude.

On his wrist: Casio G-Shock.

Dream wheels: Land Rover Defender. make mine a: Corona with lime.

Secretly idolises: The guy who played Brandon Walsh in Beverley Hills 90210.

Fantasises about: Meeting Kurt Cobain.


Dave & Rob Kearney

As worn by: Dave Kearney, Rob Kearney

The Jock may look like he just wears jeans and a T-shirt, but one must remember that this physique comes with unique sartorial challenges. He can only buy his jeans in G-Star and it's near impossible to find a well-made semi-skintight white T-shirt. Younger jocks start their fashion journey in Abercrombie & Fitch before progressing to labels like Ralph Lauren and Armani.

On his wrist: Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

Dream wheels: Range Rover Sport. make mine a: Coconut water - you can't out-train a bad diet.

Secretly idolises: BOD.

Fantasises about: A Nando's after training.


Brendan Courtney

As worn by: Brendan Courtney

The Modern Dandy look is playfully provocative, like getting hit over the head with a bunch of gladioli. This tribe includes everything from the Victorian Child Catcher-esque dandy to the Sapeurs of the Republic of Congo (as featured in the Guinness ads). Not to be confused with The Metrosexual, The Dandy is all about theatricality, pomp and ceremony. Think bow ties, velvet dinner jackets and trousers that showcase their impossibly rangy legs. The Modern Dandy wants to be looked at, yes, but he also wants to be adored.

On his wrist: An antique Audemars Piguet picked up for a song at the O'Reilly's fine jewellery auction.

Dream wheels: Porsche 911 Turbo.

Make mine a: Hendrick's gin and tonic, with cucumber.

Secretly idolises: Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen. Fantasises about: Being cast in Made in Chelsea.


Jamie Dornan

As worn by: Jamie Dornan, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law

The dad-life crisis hits this breed hard. What, they wonder, is a new father supposed to wear? Out go the hoodies and the logo T-shirts and, almost overnight, they are replaced by a wardrobe of understated, utilitarian separates in a neutral colour palette. They can still inject some attitude with more sophisticated street labels like Carhartt, while high-street chain COS becomes their uniform. All Cool Dads acquire a navy canvas workman's jacket - nobody knows why this is.

On his wrist: A no-nonsense Timex.

Dream wheels: Drools at the gloriously impractical Porsche 550 Spyder ever since he had to trade in his BMW for a people carrier.

Make mine a: Triple-shot espresso.

Secretly idolises: Brad Pitt - how has the uber-dad managed to stay relevant?

Fantasises about: Eight hours' sleep.

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