Wednesday 14 November 2018

Louise O'Reilly: 'Plus size models have to work out too - that's a huge misconception'

Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram
Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram
Image: Louise O'Reilly (stylemecurvy)/Instagram
Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram
Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram
Louise O'Reilly
Image: Louise O'Reilly/Instagram

Sorcha O'Connor

Making a name for yourself as a plus-size model takes as much effort as it does for the stereotypical catwalk model - it doesn't mean you don't have to worry about what you eat.

Irish model Louise O'Reilly said people often think that working as a plus-size model means there's no need for working out or watching the scales, but that's not the case.

The Malahide beauty said maintaining your size is all-important for any model, as it's a requirement for securing work.

"I think a big misconception for a lot of people is that, 'Oh, plus-size models don't work out', but a lot of plus-size models work out because it's our job," she said.

Image: Louise O'Reilly/Instagram
Image: Louise O'Reilly/Instagram


"We all look after ourselves because it's important to eat healthy, to look after your skin and all those different elements, so that's one common misconception about plus-size models.

"The main thing is, like for any model, maintaining your measurements, so that applies no matter what size you are."

The 28-year old said the industry has become kinder to models, and that unless you were constantly piling on and then shedding weight erratically, size-change would not cost you your livelihood.

"Things have changed from years ago. It's not like if you were to go up a dress size it's a really big deal - it's not," she said.

"It's just about if you were to go constantly up and down, it would be hard for a client to book you. It's about consistency in measurements."

Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram
Louise O'Reilly. Picture: Instagram

Louise is one of the best-known Irish models, bagging a campaign last summer as the face of Evans, which has 180 stores in Ireland and the UK, as well as walking in fashion weeks worldwide.

Now her sights are set on one day being able to walk New York Fashion Week.

New York is one fashion event that helps promote body inclusivity, according to Louise, who owns the Style Me Curvy blog, which celebrates body positivity.

"It would be something I'd like to do at some stage. Every year there's something new appearing when it comes to work, even compared to last year. Every month is different, every year is different," she said.

"I love New York, I love going back and forth, so it's definitely something I would consider because the fact is that New York Fashion Week, as a whole, is much more body positive and I would love to see other fashion weeks follow suit.

"It would be great to see more body diversity in London and Milan and places like that. It would be something I hope they would do - take a leaf out of New York's book."


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