Monday 16 July 2018

'It's important for me to look beautiful and skinny' - Reality TV star reveals she spends £30k on fillers, all funded by her parents

Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram
Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram
Instagram and reality TV star Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram
Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram

Sasha Brady

Instagram and reality TV star Julia Stakhiva revealed that her parents pay thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery so she can focus on looking good.

The 23-year-old London student has over 24,000 followers on Instagram and found fame on the Channel 4 programme The Rich Kids of Instagram, which followed the lives of affluent young people.

Julia said that it's important in her social circles that she looks good.

"It's so important for me to look beautiful, be skinny and have nice hair," she told the Daily Mail.

Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram
Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram

The pampered South Kensington girl flies 1,800 miles every two months to Moscow to have her hair cut by her favourite stylist - and books the entire salon for beauty treatments.

She believes that "everyone should start cosmetic surgery at a young age" and invest in beauty treatments instead of food.

"Some people are not brave enough to have surgery. They think it's better to sit at home, eat pizza and judge me. But I just think well, you eat pizza and I look pretty."

So far, the Ukrainian-born socialite has had lip injections, facial fillers, cheek reduction surgery, brow lifts and teeth whitening treatments and is looking into a breast augmentation for next year.

Julia receives a lot of negative comments on social media from people who believe she's promoting an unhealthy, self-obsessed lifestyle.

But she reveals she doesn't care what people think about her and thrives on the hate she receives on Instagram.

"I love all my haters. I would rather die than have people not talk about me," she said.

"People criticising me shows that I'm an extraordinary person."

Her parents, who own a food production company, will continue to support her surgery habit and career goals, although it's not clear what they entail.

"It's my life's goal to become successful. I'm not suitable for an office job because of how well I dress and how educated I am. My friends and family see me as a leader so I don't think I could be employed by anyone after university."

She is heading to Paris to purchase a dress for her graduation ceremony with a budget of approximately €22,000 and from there she will star in The Majors, a "factual TV serial [sic] based on the everyday life of privileged young guys all around the world."

She boasts that she owns over 100 handbags costing around £4,000 (€3450) each and every season she buys 60 pairs of designer shoes.

Instagram and reality TV star Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram
Instagram and reality TV star Julia Stakhiva. Photo: Instagram

"People may think I’m spoilt but I was born into a wealthy family - it’s not my fault," she told Closer.

“My parents have always made sure I’ve had the best in life. They bought me my first designer Louis Vuitton handbag when I was nine and a life of luxury is all I’ve ever known."

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