Monday 26 August 2019

Irish designer's 'jewellery for a selfie' campaign a huge success

Dani wears the Crystal stone on 5 layers necklace on a pewter setting. Dani wrote to thank Trinkets for the campaign, writing
Dani wears the Crystal stone on 5 layers necklace on a pewter setting. Dani wrote to thank Trinkets for the campaign, writing "I think its such a great idea and love that you are reaching real women".
Maire wears Grey and clear stone with gold disc necklace. Her daughter Ciara writes that Marie, mother of four and grandmother of nine, is an "avid socialiser" who loves golf and bridge.
Clare Cullen AKA Clisare wears the Aquamarine blue necklace. Clare writes: "Sure look at me there.. feeling fancy! Thanks so much, love the necklace and the campaign!"
Ciara wearing a ring and necklace that have now sold out. Ciara writes: "I love to brighten up solid colours on a night out with some bright jewellery and this necklace tops the bill!.... I love to see every day women wearing jewellery as it gives me inspiration to wear mine more often".
Sandra, wearing the 50 shades of black and blue necklace. Sandra writes: . "I've been a customer of Trinkets Jewellery for many years, I originally met Fiona in the Malahide Market when she had her stall there, I've often popped in with a dress or a top and Fiona has matched a piece to my outfit. If It wasn't for Fiona I might have had many fashion disasters over the years!"
Sarah, wearing the Smoky Grey Sunflower Necklace. Sarah writes that the campaign is "wonderful and unique". "Most women don't have the perfect hair, skin, nails and figure ,that models in advertising appear to have, but still look very good and still enjoy wearing nice jewellery".

Clare Cullen

An Irish jewellery designer has seen a massive uptake on her 'real women in advertising' campaign after she put her money where her mouth is.

Fiona De Buitlear of 'Trinkets Jewellery' has seen huge interest among Irish women in her new campaign to get more 'real women' in advertising.

De Buitlear lamented the use of stock images in the online jewellery business and decided to start a campaign to get photographs of real Irish women wearing her pieces. She promised a free piece of jewellery in return for a selfie for use on the site.

Her campaign went viral on Facebook and was covered on and Yahoo! News UK.

De Buitlear has seen a large number of women requesting to be part of the campaign, with the first of the selfies returning now. Each woman has taken to writing De Buitlear a note about how much the campaign means to them.

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De Buitlear came up with the idea because she does not have "vast resources" so she came up with a way to involve "real women" in her marketing for her website.

"I will send a free piece of jewellery to any women who volunteer to allow me to use their pictures on my web site".

"I just ask for a promise that she will send me some photos of herself wearing the piece and I will ship a piece of jewellery to her absolutely free".

"This is a call to the women out there to take a step towards reclaiming their individual and collective self esteem. I know it's not a lot but I think that if enough of us start to make a change then together we can change the world!"

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the campaign can send an email to and check out the website here.

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