Monday 18 December 2017

Insider Man: Slick styling for the modern man

Paul Galvin: Grooming Life

Paul Galvin
Paul Galvin
Gianni Agnelli
Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh from Art Comes First

Nadia El Fardaoussi

We talk to former GAA guru and all round stylish fella Paul to get his top tips.

Who is your style inspiration?

No one in particular. Gianni Agnelli is interesting and iconic. Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh from Art Comes First are more contemporary and equally interesting to me. I like to just play around with fashion and create my own style. Inspiration can come from travel, the man on the street or even womenswear.

What would be your desert island must have?

My fiancé Louise.

Have you always been interested in style?

I wouldn't say style as such but I was interested in clothes and brands. I remember my father wearing Farah trousers when I was very young and my first pair of trainers were New Balance. So I was aware of clothes and shoes and brands but didn't know to call these things "fashion" or "style."

How long does it take to get ready, and what is your morning routine?

A few minutes. I'm normally straight on my laptop or iPad. What I do for the day depends on emails and what's happening online, especially in social media. My website and social media means I have to be creative every day. I don't have a routine as such. Routine is to be avoided at all costs in my opinion.

Do you care what other people think of the way you look?

Some people. But mostly no.

What grooming products do you recommend?

Pomp & Co Hair Cream. I have been collaborating with Sam's Barbers in Dublin on this for a while. It's a cream, so it's more versatile than some other styling products - easy to apply, style and wash out. The guys at Sam's are experienced barbers who know men's hair and understand great product. They also have great personal style. It made sense for us to work together. After that I don't use many other grooming products. Unless my beard comb counts?

Pomp & Co Hair Cream is available to buy from Sam's Barbers (Dame Lane, Ormond Quay, Blanchardstown) and from August. 4oz tub costs €14.99

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