Thursday 5 December 2019

Four of the best festive fashion campaigns

Freya Drohan

Sure the iconic Coca Cola television ad might signal the start of the Christmas season, but it’s the swoon worthy fashion campaigns that have our hearts a’flutter.

With exactly one month until Christmas day, H&M are the latest company to unveil their holiday campaign.

From chiming jingles and adorable children, to mythical creatures and lavish gifts, the best of the season’s ad campaigns combine everything we love about Christmas:

1. H&M

The high street clothing company throws a sultry art-deco inspired party in its new Christmas advertisement.

Legendary singer Tony Bennett and pop star Lady Gaga provide an infectious sound track as supermodel Joan Smalls is transported back to a glittering party in a bygone era.

2. Burberry

The British brand enlisted the talents of 12-year-old Romeo, who stars as a dancing cupid in their ‘From London With Love’ festive campaign.

In the advert, the youngster is clad in the label’s signature trench coat and plaid scarf, as he bounds across a romanticised version of London to deliver a gift to a young couple.

The advert features a song titled ‘The Way I Live’, and a troupe of impeccably-dressed models and dancers, including main characters Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward, who turn and twist with their umbrellas as Romeo dashes through with his glittering ‘gift of love’.

3. Mulberry

The cult heritage brand scores serious points for its humorous advertisement which taps into the sense of inter family rivalry and competitiveness.

Want to #WinChristmas?  Don’t bother with painstaking paintings, puppies and unicorns - head straight to your nearest luxury department store and give the gift of a Bayswater tote.

4. Marks & Spencer

Two elegant fairies ‘Magic’ and ‘Sparkle’ are busy at work in the seasonal advert for Marks & Spencers, flitting about delivering gifts that their recipients truly desire.

Following on from last year’s ad which starred David Gandy, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Helena Bonham Carter, M&S have injected a significant amount of cash into the marketing and online presence of the #FollowTheFairies campaign.

There is even a mysterious Twitter account which had been delivering random acts of kindness to unsuspecting people around the UK, and many believe it is secretly masterminded by the food and goods conglomerate.

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