Wednesday 21 March 2018

Fashion Friday: Red carpet wrap and the way we wear

Audrey Tautou
Audrey Tautou
Zoe Saldana
Sean Kennedy
Kawai Cheng
Sarah Murray
Rowena Walsh

Rowena Walsh

Red carpet wrap

Audrey Tautou: Hit

The star of Amelie is so quintessentially French that we could never quite imagine her in La La Land. It turns out that we weren't alone in this.

Audrey says that she decided not to pursue a Hollywood career because she did not want "every single millimetre" of her body being scrutinised.

We felt a bit bad when we heard this, because obviously that's just what we've done...

Oh well, c'est la vie!

Luckily enough, it turns out that we love her Dolce & Gabbana white dress, particularly because Audrey has given her ensemble a welcome touch of edginess thanks to a glossy red lip and to-die-for Prada sandals.

Now, that's how to wear lace - take note, Zoe Saldana!

Zoe Saldana: Miss

We have to admit that we're a bit surprised, shocked even, by this catastrophe. Normally we love Zoe's out-of-this-world style. This, after all, is a woman who caught our eye while working a very blue look - all over…

As Neytiri in Avatar, Zoe was ethereal but left to her own devices, she normally looks even more amazing.

So imagine our dismay when we clocked her in this get-up.

The combination of a floral sheer top over a white bralet and an embellished skirt with an unflattering jagged hem is bad enough, but the bizarre white belt (is it a harness? Is it a jockstrap?) is unforgiveable.

Now we realise that Zoe's playing a green-skinned alien in her latest film so perhaps this has had a detrimental effect on her style, but we're pretty sure that you don't have to come from another planet to realise that this is a definite fashion fail.

The way we wear by Niamh O’Rourke


She wears: Coat, €100, Zara. Top, €80, American Vintage. Pants, €200, La Petite. Scarf, €34, All Saints. Bag by Balenciaga, €800, Hong Kong. 
Converse, €60.

What is your favourite shop?

Le Marais in Paris and Portobello in London.

Best bargain buy?

Leather rucksack for £35 from 
Camden market.

Style influences?

Alexa Chung, The Sartorialist and my job.

Best buy?

I'm not sure. You never know if something was a good buy until two years later if you're still wearing it.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

A gold YSL ring with a green gemstone.



She wears: Dress, €125, Ted Baker. Bag, €46, Missguided online. Shoes, €10, Penneys.

What is your favourite shop?

Sabo and Topshop.

Best dressed style icons?

Victoria Beckham.

Worst fashion mistake?

A pair of baggy ripped jeans from ONLY.

Money no object, favourite label or designer?

Henry Holland, Topshop and Ted Baker.

Last fashion item you bought?

A white lace, short dress for €55 from Hollister.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

A black leather biker jacket from Ted Baker.



He wears: Jumper, €22, 9 Crow Street. Jeans, €18, Penneys' girls section. Hoody, €50, American Apparel. Watch, Argos. Trainers by Puma, €80, BT2.

What is your best dressed style icons?

Bjork - she always has amazing 
costumes - and Thierry Mugler.

Style inspiration?

My friends and people who have been away travelling and bring bits of 
newness back with them.

Does your job influence your style?

I dress more conservatively when I'm working.

Worst fashion mistake?

An Emo fringe when I was 19.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

A plain black XL t-shirt from H&M.

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