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10 realities of summer style everyone gets, but no one talks about


Kim Kardashian Celebuzz


Summer is pretty much three months of combating head to toe sweat.

1. Underboob sweat

The struggle is real.




2. Upper lip sweat

If you're wearing makeup, expect a nice streak above your lip.



3. Your thin cotton top sticking to your stomach

Thought you'd beat the heat in a thin top? Stomach sweat has you beat.



4. Padded bras as the enemy

More layers to sweat through.


5. Hats are not your friend

Sweaty hat hair, anyone?



6. Fake tan will not stay

Whether it's your face or that brand new white top.



7. Mascara is the enemy

If you've broken a sweat, say goodbye to your mascara staying on your eyelashes.


8. Sandals only complicate things

Those gladiator sandals may look fierce at home in front of the mirror, but prepare for the most awkward tan line (real or fake) at the end of the day.


Kim Kardashian Celebuzz


9. Even sunglasses can't protect you

Seriously, brim of your nose sweat.


10. Accessorising adds to your misery

That bargain statement necklace seemed like a good idea until it turned green from your chest sweat.


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