Thursday 14 December 2017

10 most controversial campaigns

Beyonce for L'Oreal
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Roz Purcell has hit the headlines after her latest ad was deemed too sexy for the Irish public.

The Newbridge Silverware ad may have been banned for being too raunchy, but it's not the first campaign to get tongues wagging.

1. Dakota Fanning's 'Oh Lola!' Marc Jacobs fragrance campaign was pulled in the UK in 2011 for being too suggestive.


2. In 2008, Beyonce's L'Oreal Feria campaign received a number of complaints after it was alleged her skin was digitally altered to look lighter...

Beyonce for L'Oreal

3. ...Then again in 2010, her Heat fragrance ad was banned in 2010 for being too racy.

3. Natalie Portman's Dior beauty campaign was deemed to "misleadingly exaggerated the likely effects of the product."

Natalie Portman Dior 2.jpg

4. Kate Moss and Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg ruffled more than a few feathers wit their Calvin Klein campaign in 1992, Kate later said she 'never felt comfortable' about it.


5. American Apparel's general approach to advertising.


6. 'Hello Boys' by Wonderbra caused uproar during its 1994 release.


7. In 2009, Keira Knightley's PSA against domestic violence was the topic of much discussion.


8. 'Are you staring at my crisps?' Hunky Dorys came under fire in 2010 for its campaign featuring several scantily clad models playing rugby - which were eventually banned.


9. The 'Best Bit's Club Orange campaign of 2010 went down like a lead balloon with the ASAI.


10. Earlier this year, Dove's Real Beauty campaign received a surprisingly negative backlash.


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