Sunday 25 March 2018

Style Notebook - Get the look: Madeline Mulqueen

€799, Saint Laurent, Brown Thomas
€11, Penneys
€13, Penneys
€995, Victoria Beckham, Brown Thomas
€49.99, Mango
€734, Hudson, Harvey Nichols

It's not hard to see how model and TV presenter Madeline Mulqueen managed to bag herself a Hollywood movie star.

Most of us don't have the legs to carry off a mini skirt in such style, but there's more than just perfectly toned, very long legs going on here. If you're showing this much leg, covering up on top, as Madeline has done here, is a must.

Heels are probably more flattering than flats with such a short skirt, but it's important to avoid anything too clunky. A rather delicate pair of two-strap sandals, as seen here, works well. And the bag's pop of colour keeps the whole thing from getting too 'monochrome waitress's outfit'.

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