Tuesday 20 February 2018

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Amy Huberman wearing Newbridge Silverware Armour collection
Amy Huberman wearing Newbridge Silverware Armour collection
Actress Saoirse Ronan

Newbridge silverware; Saoirse Ronan Grows Up The Right Way; So Over: Fashion Dressing; Stylemma

We heart Newbridge silverware

Jewellery can be a bit of a cliche for Valentine's Day, but a delicate charm style that works for everyday, makes a perfect addition to any woman's jewellery collection. Newbridge's Amour Collection, as seen on Amy Huberman, above, features a cute heart design, but is the sort of thing that can be worn all year round.

Stylewatch: Saoirse Ronan Grows Up The Right Way

We know everyone is having a major J-Law moment, but, as awards season goes on, we're finding her increasingly annoying. All the gurning and goofing for the camera reeks of annoying stage-school child. And, as for her style? It's great that she's become a one-woman defence team for not being scrawny, but would Dior and Rachel Zoe stop dressing her in either puffy, princess-style dresses or overly vampy, too-old-for-her-age styles?

Our own Saoirse Ronan has nailed her red-carpet look; she wore this Peter Pilotto dress at a recent awards ceremony. It's young and fun, without being unflatteringly quirky, and glamorous without being a throwback. Not to mention the fact that Saoirse regularly favours up-and-coming designers, such as our own Simone Rocha. The rest of her age group look faintly like they've raided their mother's Eighties' closet.

So Over: Fashion Dressing

Yes, it's a new season and all the new trends have hit the shops. But following fashion doesn't need to mean looking ridiculous. In fact, being fashionable shouldn't really be anyone's aim – having good personal style is what you should strive for. After all, look at the nonsense some/most of the fashion crowd throw up, with the exception of models, who know to keep it simple. There are the fortysomething, 'taking themselves too seriously' fashionistas, who ape Victoria Beckham, but, without her tiny proportions, end up looking strangely crow-like. Then there's the blogger crowd, squeezing themselves into the latest weather-irrelevant, generally neon and leopard-print trend. There's also the all-black crowd – we are all for black, but, surely, as a uniform, it has become something of a cliche? Any sort of fashion tic – novelty glasses, statement necklaces – is to be avoided; unless the item in question is a family heirloom, such things have had their moment. Ditto garish summer prints when it's raining outside. We like the mannish fedora/trilby look, but isn't it getting a bit overdone? And have we really resolved the question of when keeping said hat on begins to look ridiculous indoors? Do you leave it on while eating a meal? You risk looking like a celebrity who never takes off their sunglasses. Dressing fashionably does not have to mean not dressing like a normal person. Lisa Fitzpatrick always manages to look stylishly dressed without ever looking ridiculous.


Dear Stylemma,

I'm currently looking for three bridesmaids' dresses for a wedding in June. It's a fairly simple affair, so I'm looking for knee-length, rather than full-length, and, ideally, a dress they can wear again. They don't all need to wear the same dress and, colour-wise, I'm not set on any specific shade, but I'd prefer paler shades rather than anything too bright or strong. My main concern is that the budget be kept down. I really can't afford to spend more than €100 on each dress.

Answer: Warehouse has a lovely grey shift dress, which is very Sixties in style; Dolce & Gabbana have similar dresses in their collection this season. It's jewelled across the bodice and reduced to €29 in the sale. Oasis has a tight-body, full-skirted beige dress with cap sleeves and a V-neck, €59. It's a skater-skirt style, which normally we're against, but, at just above the knee, this dress is longer than your typical skater skirt. Coast is mostly over the budget, but it has one or two sweet summery dresses around €120.

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