Sunday 19 January 2020

Style Dilemma: Where to find a stylish knitted tie

Burberry tie €105,
Burberry tie €105,
Asos €11.11
Brook Brothers €70
Darren Kennedy

Darren Kennedy

Darren, you mentioned knitted ties in passing a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking to buy a couple of stylish ones. Where are the best places to look? Donal (30), Cork

A style staple of the 1960s, the knitted tie has made something of a comeback of late. Gary Barlow's penchant for this stylish wardrobe component on 'The X Factor' has no doubt helped.

Soft-knit ties inject a lovely sense of texture to a crisp shirt for a neat modern appearance. I enjoy the way the knitted fabric drapes.

Most knit ties have blunt, squared-off ends, such as the one from Asos (€11.11), for a look that demands attention.

A block colour, such as the green, slim, knitted silk tie from Brook Brothers (€70), looks great worn against a pattern or check shirt.

For a contemporary preppy look, wear Burberry's striped design (€105,, or

Oliver Spencer's grey speckled tie (€80, Indigo & Cloth) with a fitted denim shirt for a slick look.

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