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Style Dilemma: I want stylish shoes made for walking

Recently I changed my place of work, which means I've now a 20-minute walk to and from the DART every day, as opposed to my previous four minutes. I wear heels in the office and have been wearing some Penneys pumps for the commute. I find my feet are sore after the walk and not getting enough support. Would you have any suggestions please? Diane (48), Dublin

Adidas Originals recently launched a new footwear concept called 'Mega'. Essentially, it's a collection of stylish everyday trainers that have their roots in former athletic footwear.

Each pair contains a cushioning unit in the heel and they promise to provide greater movement and foot stability.

Without opting for full-on running trainers, these should bridge the gap for you and provide much greater support and comfort on your daily commute.

You can pick up a pair in Champion Sports stores nationwide, with prices ranging from €75 to €90.

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