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Style confessions with... Pro-surfer Kelly Slater


Professional surfer Kelly Slater.

Professional surfer Kelly Slater.

Professional surfer Kelly Slater.

Holly White gets the low-down on the American pro surfer’s style when he’s not out riding the waves

QWhat are the five key items in you wardrobe at the moment?

AI live in a pair of really simple recycled shoes that were once tyre rubber -- I think they are very cool. I always wear a brand of boxers called Moskova. I typically wear Quiksilver jeans; the ones I particularly like are designed by a skater called Reese Forbes.

I have an amazing Rolex that was custom-made for me. It was after my 9th world title win and there are only number nines on the face of it. My girlfriend wears it more then I do, though.

QWhat are you wearing today and how much did it cost?

AI am wearing trousers and a T-shirt from the Quiksilver Cypher range that I was involved in designing. I was given my flip-flops.

QWhere do you shop for clothes: online or the high street?

AI never shop for clothes -- I get stuff for free. My friends have a jeans company called Rogan and they always sort me out, if I am not wearing Quiksilver.

QWhat are your favourite travel destinations?

A Fiji is incredible. It is cold up in your area of the world but I loved Ireland and Scotland. I was in Bundoran in Ireland, and in Scotland, I was in St Andrews and got on well in both. I love Hawaii and Australia. There are so many places and I could keep going, but that is a good start.

QWhat are your favourite books?

ABeside my bed I have The Alchemist -- my mum just bought it for me. I also have The Tao of Health, Longevity and Immortality by Daniel Reid there.

QWhat are the five most popular tracks on your iPod?

AIt's tough to give specific names but something by Brett Dennen definitely; he's sort of folk-acoustic.

I also really like Talking Heads and Eddie Vedder. I've a lot of my girlfriend's music going through my head at the moment so I'd have to admit that I am forced to listen to Taylor Swift a lot, but I kind of like her. Elvis Costello is also very cool.

QWho in celebrity culture do you think dresses well and why?

AI like Jude Law. I don't really like his acting but he looks very dapper in the way he dresses, which I like.

QWho are your mentors?

AA friend of mine who nobody knows, a regular guy named Peff. He's like a dad to me since my father passed away. He's a good family guy. Otherwise, my girlfriend's family, as well as my own.

Q What sort of phone do you use?

AI use an iPhone.

Q What do you do in order to feel and look your best?

AI don't drink and I eat very well --vegan and organically as much as I can. I try to sleep early, although it never happens. Mentally, I just try to be honest and as open as I can with people.

Q Has being on TV and in the media made you more aware of your image? Did it make you change anything about yourself?

AOccasionally, it has forced me to have a look at what I am putting out there. But I haven't really bothered changing anything. Generally, what people see is what they get with me.

QHow important do you think image and physical appearance is to your career?

ANot very. It comes plain and simply down to talent.

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