Wednesday 17 January 2018

Style confessions with: Louise and Ellie MacNamara from the band, The Heathers

Holly White

What are the five key items in your wardrobe?

Louise: My black skinny jeans from Penneys, which were only €11. I love American Apparel hoodies. I have all the colours but I like the charcoal one a lot. I have a gorgeous Superdry brown leather jacket. It has a hood and I wear it all the time. I love my everyday biker boots from Office and American Apparel T-shirts, which I also have in all the colours.

Ellie: I love my Topshop skinnies, and the ones I wear are dark denim and called Baxter. I love my high-waisted black skirt from H&M. I wear a denim waistcoat a lot. I got it last summer in a thrift store when we were touring the US, so it holds happy memories. I have an Adidas zip-up in black with gold stripes, and I love basic T-shirts from H&M in muted colours such as grey, beige and white.

What are you wearing today and how much did it cost?

Ellie: Today I am wearing my H&M skirt, which cost €4. My top was €40 from Topshop and my waistcoat was €3 from a thrift store in the US. My boots were €20 from Penneys and my tights were €3 from Dunnes Stores.

Louise: I am wearing a basic American Apparel T-shirt, which cost €22. My jeans were €11 in Penneys, my bracelets were €5 from Topshop and my boots cost €170 in Office.

Where do you shop for clothes: online or the high street?

Ellie: I love shopping on the high street, but abroad as it's cheaper. We picked up some great pieces in US thrift stores along the way. At home, I will always keep an eye on what's in H&M, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Penneys. I've yet to find a really cool charity shop, but I like Harlequin on Castle Market, although it's pricey.

A basic pair of black jeans: how would you make them yours?

Ellie: I would pair them with some biker boots, a plain white T-shirt, tossed hair and sultry, smokey eye make-up.

Louise: I'd wash the jeans on a high temperature to get them really tight. I'd wear a check shirt from Urban Outfitters, tie my hair back and have no make-up. Last, I would add a pair of Vans or Converse.

Who in celebrity culture do you think dresses well?

Ellie: I love Alexa Chung's style as she is casual yet always looks so well. I also think Lily Allen makes anything look good, although now that she's head to toe in Chanel it's hard for normal people to emulate anything she does.

Louise: I like Kristen Stewart, Joan Jett and Agyness Deyn for their originality and attitude. I also love the way Peaches Geldof and Courtney Love always look so messy yet glamorous.

Do you follow trends, and what have you done to update your look?

Ellie: I don't follow trends at all; however, I find myself liking new things from time to time and that keeps me casually up to date.

A lot of our friends are in bands and tend to be very inspirational.

In your industry, who are your mentors?

Louise: Our brother Martin, who is a year older then us, introduced us to music and has totally influenced our taste and encouraged us to be in a band.

Ellie: We love Beyoncé. She is incredibly intense and not afraid to be herself. I also like the fact that she is a good role model.

What do you like to wear when performing?

Ellie: I like to wear comfy dresses. I can't wear anything too tight as it restricts my voice and breathing. It's important to wear something nice as I feel more confident if I know I look well.

Louise: I wear my jeans, boots and a T-shirt.

How important is image and physical appearance to your career?

Ellie: I think it is really important to feel good about yourself and confident, but the music is the most important aspect of us. For some artists, like Lady Gaga, style defines them and is part of the whole package. In regard to taking care of myself, I am not fussed and don't do anything in particular.

What are the best make-up and style tips you have picked up from shoots?

Louise: We haven't done a lot of shoots yet where other people make us up, but personally I love deep-red lipstick and MAC gel liner is wonderful.

What are your favourite books, magazine, museums and films?

Ellie: We are named after the cult 1980s film Heathers, so that's got to be included. I like Stand By Me, too. In Chicago, we both loved the Field Museum. I love Harry Potter books too.

Louise: I love Vanity Fair and Glamour magazines and the Natural History Museum in London.

What are the five most popular tracks on your iPod?

Ellie: Marina and the Diamonds, I Am Not a Robot; Marvins Revolt, Deliberate Deeds; Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, Telephone; Talking Heads, This Must Be The Place; The Beat, Sooner Or Later.

Louise: The Postal Service, Brand New Colony; Santogold, Lights Out; Yann Tiersen, La Valse D'Amélie; Adebisi Shank, You Me; Bruce Springsteen, Atlantic City. yourdamage. Their debut album, Here, Not There, is out now

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