Tuesday 23 January 2018

Style Confessions: Marina Lambrini Diamandis

(aka Marina and the Diamonds)

Marina, the singer avoids trends and dresses to suit her personality and figure

Holly White

What are the five key items in your wardrobe at the moment?

I have a white pussybow silk blouse I live in. A sequin tuxedo jacket with astrology signs on it, which I got on eBay for £12 (€13.25), gets worn a lot. I have a shoulder-padded blazer that is quite Balmain which I wear frequently with jeans. A gorgeous pair of Louis Vuitton heels, which I call my ‘mature heels', take pride of place in my wardrobe and, finally, I have a big cardi to keep warm. Last summer I did 27 festivals so it got lots of wear.

What are you wearing today and how much did it cost?

In this shot (right), I am wearing an Ashish dress. That shoot was styled by a really cool Irish stylist called Celestine Cooney. I have no idea how much it cost unfortunately. The jacket is a vintage find and belongs to Celestine.

Where do you shop: online or the high street?

I love shopping online. There is a great site for designer clothes called www.theoutnet.com. I also browse www.netaporter.com, but if I have time in London, my favourite shop is Beyond Retro.

What are your favourite fashion haunts and websites?

I love the atmosphere of shopping in a market and I think Brick Lane market in East London is a great place to see what all the young fashion students are up to. I go on www.asos.com and type a name into the bar such as Alexa Chung and see what comes up, rather then going through the whole site piece by piece, or by designer.

A classic black dress or pair of trousers: how do you make it yours?

I like to emphasise my curves, so I would take a dress and cinch the waist in with a belt. I had a puffy heartshaped felt brooch that is very sentimental but which I unfortunately lost recently, and I would hypothetically add that and top it off with a really high pair of heels and great tights, preferably with a seam up the back.

Who in celebrity culture do you think dresses well and why?

I think Dita Von Teese is flawless. Katy Perry has a great sense of fun about the way she puts herself together. Alexa Chung always looks gorgeous and everything is so comfortable and perfect for her.

Do you follow trends, and what have you done to update your look?

I don't really follow trends; if something suits my personality and figure I'll wear it. I spend proper money on classic items and look to the high street for faddy items.

Do you have any fashion rules or do you follow your own instincts?

The most important thing I have ever learned is to wear a really good bra. Rigby & Peller in London is amazing and they have beautiful, effective underwear.

Do you splurge, scrimp or save up for clothes and is fashion ever a reward?

I used to scrimp a lot and get all the bargains, but now that I am older I can appreciate spending £500 on a bag. I think I also occasionally deserve something really nice.

When do you feel your most beautiful?

When I am relaxed and either on or just back from holiday. In my downtime I wear much less make-up and feel better for it. On stage a lot is required and it can be a relief not to have it all on.

What is your SOS style solution when you are feeling frumpy and grumpy?

The usual pampering treats tend to work very well — a manicure and pedicure or a facial are brilliant, as is a good application of St Tropez. I find sometimes I just have to take some time to myself, put on some make-up and I usually feel better.

Who would you look to for fashion advice?

I buy lots of magazines every month and get a sense of what's happening and just keep aware.

In many performances you have worn a huge diamanté crown and key pendant — what is the significance of it?

I made it myself. I love anything that has a regal feel to it and equally I love Vivienne Westwood. Unfortunately, when I was at a party in Shoreditch house, it totally fell apart. I favour Hello Kitty jewellery now, not in a Katy Perry way but small adult touches.

The video for your single I Am Not A Robot was directed by Rankin. Who will you work with next?

Ideally I would work with him again. Artistically we click. We did a shoot together for Esquire and had the shot in four minutes, which is pretty amazing.

You are of Greek and Welsh heritage — how does this influence your style?

My dad is Greek and incredibly proud of his heritage, so he took me around all the museums to see the ancient Greek goddesses. I love the draping and the style and try to be aware of it in the way I dress nowadays.

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