Thursday 26 April 2018

Stella McCartney hints that she may be launching new make-up line

Designer has already branched out into perfume
Designer has already branched out into perfume

Stella McCartney has hinted she is launching a cosmetics line.

The British designer has already branched out into perfume, with her second fragrance L.I.L.Y released in 2012. She also created the uniforms for the British Olympic team last year, but has no plans to take a break in 2013. Instead, the star has hinted she is looking for new ways to expand her business.

"I would love to do a make-up range," she told "I've had discussions about it."

L.I.L.Y includes notes of black truffle, Lily of the Valley and black pepper. Stella has always been interested in unusual scent combinations, explaining there is one particular smell she would love to bottle.

"When I work on things and fragrances it is all about the extremes. I love this idea of masculine and feminine so I like strong smells like butter on toast, which is a bit random I admit, to my kids in the morning," she laughed.

"I am obsessed with the smell of my kids' breath, funnily enough. They think I'm really weird when I'm like, 'Breathe on my nose!' And they're like, 'Mum, you're freaking us out.'"

Stella came up with the name for her second scent because it was the nickname her father Sir Paul McCartney had for her late mother Linda.

Although calling the perfumed L.I.L.Y was intensely personal, Stella explained the handle has another meaning too.

"What I love about the name is that it's very old-fashioned but also a lot of little girls are called that now. I like the idea of people buying this fragrance for their children or mothers. I like to have a connection to real life in the name of a fragrance," she said.

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