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Thursday 22 March 2018

Steal Her Style: Carrie Bradshaw

Angela Scanlon

CARRIE Bradshaw is a modern-day heroine, sartorially speaking. She’s the Grace Kelly of the nineties/noughties - or maybe the Grace Jones.

Everyone can relate to her in some small way. You might live in Ireland not New York, wear Topshop shoes instead of Manolos and have a wardrobe filled with vintage bargains and high street threads rather than Chanel Couture, but somewhere there’s a bit of common ground.

Carrie, or rather Sarah Jessica Parker, is a style icon. Nobody needs to know that stylist Patricia Field was the genius behind her wardrobe or that she borrows dresses from designer friends. Her contacts are enviable, yes, but she’s got a style all of her own.

SJP adds ultra-feminine, girlie details to more masculine pieces. She wears cutting edge couture gowns to red carpet events, goes short when others go long (I’m talking skirt length here), and goes OTT when others are playing it down. Whether she’s in character or out, there’s an element of risk and fun in her wardrobe choices.

Maybe her role as Carrie and access to an endless supply of incredible labels and styles has meant that she can indulge her creative side. She never takes fashion or dressing too seriously, she changes things around, reinvents herself and doesn’t stick to a tried-and-tested formula.

SJP’s onscreen choices have sometimes been a little bizarre; remember that scrunchie moment? Don’t get me wrong, it’s the eclectic randomness of her sartorial choices that has made her a style icon but sometimes they’re not really that adaptable for real life.

However, with the new Sex And The City movie about to hit screens, it appears that she’s finally grown up. I don’t know whether to cry or jump for joy. While we might miss her mish-mash daring style, her new outfits are a tad more wearable.

Tips on getting the SJP/Carrie Bradshaw look:

  • Always add something unexpected, be brave!
  • Heels are your friend - the higher the better. Build your outfit around these
  • Underwear is always outerwear. Show a peep of your bra, ditch the dress in favour of a slip, wear corsets over T-shirts
  • Logo T-shirts are a favourite - wear with shorts, skirts and knee-high socks
  • Buy a grey hoodie and wear with your most expensive dress
  • Clash prints. Florals with polka dots, oriental with stripes.
  • Wear corsages; in your hair, on your shoes, jackets and anywhere else you like
  • Shoe your tummy (I’m sorry) but Carrie loves to flash her toned midriff
  • Steal your boyfriend's shirts and T-shirts - roll, tuck, nip and go
  • Get hold of as much faux fur as you possibly can - a floor-length coat is the ultimate homage to Carrie
  • Try a hat

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