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We are well into 2012 and the good intentions of my first Light Diary, I am glad to report, are intact and gaining momentum.

I am on yoga class four; the pain is starting to subside and the holistic benefits of the practice are beginning to make their presence known. You know the best part of the class is the refreshing feeling you get when it’s over. I have bent my body into shapes which I never knew existed and my flexibility is improving.

Now I will admit that I attempted a headstand and failed miserably, but I will conquer it! I like the class so much that I am upping my attendance to twice a week, and I look forward to it. When I was a gym member, I got terribly excited; I bought the gear (fancy training pants and a micro light t-shirt in an awful shade of neon pink) so I would show up aiming to look like the girls from the Eric Prydz video for “Call on me”. Sadly, I just found the gym didn’t work for what I define as an enjoyable work out. As you can imagine, it is so important both mentally and physically to find a work out regime that can become a regular part of your week. By the way, I haven’t thrown away the neon pink t shirt; it may yet wow my yoga class.

You know, feeling healthy is paramount for me as the word “busy” is permanent in my vocabulary. Not to sound like Pinky and the Brain, but it is time to take over the world, well just the fashion world for now and I’ll work on the rest later! Fashion and it’s every changing world has now become my professional life and one of the highlights is looking forward to each new season. Spring/ summer will have an explosion of colour, prints and has a really girly feel to it. I am particularly excited about getting out of heavy fabrics and getting into chiffons and cottons, providing we get a few days of sunshine. My personal wardrobe resolution is to focus on investing in great transitional pieces and I am justloving London based designers Corrie Nielson and Zoe Jordan at the moment (I will be interviewing Zoe at London Fashion Week!).I can’t wait to break open the piggy bank and reward my closet with one of Zoe’s gorgeous picnic inspired dresses or Corrie’s1940s style jackets.

Speaking of closets, I decided to go through my entire wardrobe at the weekend. I took a harsh approach - Gone are the pieces which I either never wore, or those that have fulfilled their mission in my wardrobe and can now move on to another. I learned something about my style - I have a penchant for black leggings, skinny jeans and ankle boots. I will never need to buy any of the aforementioned ever again – I have ten pairs of leggings! The result was remarkable. Not only do I have more space, I know what I need to build my 2012 capsule wardrobe. And if someone would like to give me a Tom Ford handbag, I’m sure I can give it a shelf.

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